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Quoting Process

        We Have Received Your Request For A Moving Quote ...

   This is the subject line you've been waiting for!  Seriously, when we receive your request via email for a moving quote, you'll receive an initial email from us with a subject line as above. We know that you may have gone to an online moving quote website, and they in turn referred you to us. We will inform you from which source we received your information. This let's you know that we're responsive and we take your request seriously.

   Our quotes are on a cost-per-pound basis. We prefer this method for one reason ... it can be VERIFIED by actually weighing your household goods shipment on certified scales. The cubic foot method looks at all items as if they are "boxed" in shape. The trouble with this method is obviously, not all items are square. Consider a couch or a chair. You're paying for dead space using the cubic foot method.

   The starting point for the cost-per-pound method is to use an estimated weight of the shipment. SO ... how do you determine that? Short of licking your finger and sticking it in the wind .. it's difficult for the customer to guess it right off the bat. That's why we request you use our online inventory form through which you indicate how many of the items you'll be shipping (if you don't have an item, leave the space for it blank). When you're done indicating which items you'll be shipping, click the "SUBMIT THIS PAGE" button to send it to us. We'll receive it and process it through our spreadsheet to determine an estimated weight.

   There are four steps involved when we develop a quote for you:

  1. We determine an estimated weight based on your input or if local, through an on-site "walk-through".
  2. You tell us if you will pack the items and have us load, transport and unload (Shipper Packs Method), or, if we will pack the items and load, transport and unload (Full Service at Origin Method).
  3. Will we be moving you during "busy" season (April - October) when prices are higher? Or, during off-season (November - March) when prices are lower?
  4. Tell us which Zip Code you're leaving from and which Zip Code you're moving to.

   Your custom quote will be emailed to you in the form of a Microsoft Word document so a valid email address for you is important to us. Unfortunately, due to the ever-changing price of fuel, all quotes are valid only for 30 days from date of issue.

   Lastly, when you select Ace Delivery & Moving to satisfy your moving needs, you only need to call us and book a date! We'll put everything from our quote into our contract documents and email them to you. They will be in .pdf format. (Click the Adobe logo at left to get the latest version.)

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