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    Department of Transportation (DOT) rules madates that all movers be liable, at a minimum, for sixty cents a pound for loss or damages to your household goods that they ship. Under this option, the mover assumes liability for no more than 60 cents per pound, per article. This minimum released value (MRV) covers loss or damage claims based on the weight of the article multiplied by 60 cents per pound. For example, if a 10-pound stereo component, valued at $1,000 were lost or destroyed, the mover would be liable for no more than $6.00 (10 pounds x 60 cents per pound).

   Additional protection can be acquired through separate liability insurance purchased from a third-party insurance company when you release your shipment for transportation at the minimum released value [60 cents per pound per article). This is not valuation coverage governed by Federal law, but optional insurance regulated under State law. If you purchase this separate coverage and your mover is responsible for loss or damage, the mover is liable only for an amount not exceeding 60 cents per pound per article, and the balance of the loss is recoverable from the insurance company up to the amount of insurance purchased.

   We use and recommend 2 Insurance carriers whose information appears below.

   BAKER INTERNATIONAL can also be called toll-free at 800-356-0093 can be accessed online for greater ease-of-use.

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